Juan García Bish

juan garcia gigared

Gerente de Ingeniería y Nuevos Negocios | Gigared

With twenty-five years of experience in the cable telecommunications industry, he has always performed in the arts related to the Engineering and the application of new technologies. Its entrance in the activity goes back to the year 2001 when Cablevision became the first cable television company that arrives with its service to the city of Buenos Aires offering then a modest alternative in front of the open television. His professional career passed through the different MSOs of Argentina, Cablevision (CV) followed by Video Cable Communication (VCC), then Multicanal (MC) and finally Gigared (GK) where he has been the Engineering Manager since 2000. Member of different international associations like & SCTE / IEEE and also c. The Technical Committee of the Argentine Association of Cable Television (ATVC), where it works actively. Finally his professional activity is complemented by the teaching that leads him to participate as a lecturer in different technical seminars or exhibitions. Among them we can highlight his continuous participation since 1990 in the Technical Conferences organized annually by the ATVC and since 2003 in the itinerant seminars organized by AndinaLink within South America and Central America.